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August 9-13 2016
Anaheim Convention Center Hall D
800 W. Katella Ave., Anaheim, California

"A new grading system!"
ANA World Fair of Money presentation
By Rick Snow, August 11, 2016 9:00 AM
---- Update ----

On Thursday, August 11, 2016, Rick Snow will present a talk which should revolutionize the coin hobby like nothing else in the past 20 years. The presentation is titled "A New Grading System."

The details of the presentation will not be available until the presentation itself. As you can guess from the title, it is about grading. Rick has long advocated consistency in grading and has shown how flexible grading standards by certification services have caused the markets to sink in areas where the demand is strong and there should not be weakness in pricing.

For example, the article at the link below from 2015 shows how overgraded 1877 Indian cents have hurt the valuation of these coins.

Link to 1877 Indian Cent article

Please read this article carefully, as it is important to see how overgrading effects the market, especially now that much of the pricing is derived from coins selling at auction.

Update - Since the presentation has been announced there has been a viral guessing game as to what the presentation will be about. I can say that this new grading system does not require a submission, nor does it cost anything. It is not something that I am selling. It is being presented to the the entire collecting public to use as they want without copyright restrictions. It is a new way of grading coins, certified or not. It can be used on Modern coins, Classic US, Early American coins, Colonials, Foreign coins, and Ancients. It is for any metal: copper, silver or gold.

This has been in preparation for over two years. It would not have been revealed to the hobby if I didn't think it would be of a great benefit to all. It is simple to use and anyone with a grasp of current coin grading will be able to learn it quickly and easily.

This is not an anti-grading service presentation, but it does address grade inflation in certified holders. It also is a system that can easily describe coins that are not currently encapsulated due to some problem like light cleaning.

Last updated on May 23 2017

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